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We are a group of young, highly experienced, adventurous guys that grew up on the rivers and mountains of our country.

We would like to care for your pleasant stay, and to acquaint you with the rugged canyon of the Tara River and its wild waterfalls. The Nature lovers who keep coming back to us are the confirmation of our hospitality. Our primary business is rafting, our skippers have IRF license and over 50 downs on the Tara during the season.

In addition to rafting, we also organize visits to the National Park Sutjeska and to the largest rainforest in Europe - Perucica, which leaves breathless even the greatest adventurers. In the region where we, your hosts, are, Nature has not spared its fortune. Maglic, Volujak and Zelengora are the mountains where we will take you and offer to you unforgettable moments.

Adventures, great friendship, professionalism, love of nature, .. these are words not told by us, but by those who were our guests in the past.

Only on Zelengori there are nine lakes that attract tourists from all over the world.

Maglic is the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there is also the famous Trnovacko lake, which is campaigned every year by tourists from all over former Yugoslavia. The National Park Sutjeska is rich in cultural and historic monuments from World War II.  In Tjentiste there is the largest outdoor pool in the Balkans, whose area is 16,000 square meters, and,  needless to say, natural pearls, like the waterfall Skakavac, which is located in the heart of Perucica rainforest.

This rainforest is particularly interesting to Western European tourists, who do not have the opportunity to enjoy such beauty. Year after year more of them are visiting it. Within a relatively small area there are preserved endemic plant and animal species.  Rare are those lucky enough to visit this place.

These are the destinations to where we organize expeditions and mountaineering. All you have to do is choose!

This is not tourism - this is the adventure!



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